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Asbestos in Schools – Do you have an asbestos survey?

……well you should have! Schools should be safe for staff, pupils and contractors. In order to comply with regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 any asbestos present in your school should be managed effectively. In order to do this you need to know where the asbestos is, what product it is (e.g. vinyl tiles, asbestos insulation boarding), what type of asbestos fibres the product contains, what condition it is in, what is the risk of the asbestos fibres being released. An asbestos management survey will answer these questions for you. However, even if you already hold a management survey (formerly called a Type 2 asbestos survey), to comply with the regulations you will still need a pre-refurbishment/demolition survey (formerly called a Type 3 asbestos survey) prior to any refurbishment works being carried out. This can be carried out to areas specific to the refurbishment and doesn’t need to be to the whole school. For more information or to book an asbestos survey please contact ACM asbestos surveys on 01924 471200 or email

Published Jul 13, 2011
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