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Asbestos Management in Schools

Government policy is that, so long as the asbestos is in good condition
and not likely to be disturbed, it is better to manage it for the remaining
life of the school rather than remove it. Because of this policy most of the
asbestos remains in our schools and will have to be managed long into
the future. Although some schools and local authorities have effective
systems of asbestos management, many do not. A nationwide survey
published in 2010 of more than 600 school safety representatives showed
that that only 28 per cent of respondents said the presence of asbestoscontaining
materials (ACM) was clearly marked in the workplace. When it
comes to keeping an accurate register of where asbestos is, only one third
of respondents were aware that a register was kept, and only 20 per cent
of the total sample confirmed that the register was shown to contractors
before they commenced work.
Inspections carried out over the last five years have found flaws in
asbestos management in a number of schools that have required
advice and enforcement action to be taken. Common faults include a
lack of asbestos awareness and poor standards of training; asbestos
management plans have been found to be ineffective; there has been
confusion over areas of responsibility; and the less accessible asbestos
has frequently not been identified because of inadequate surveys. A
report by the Asbestos Consultants Association concluded that the
systems of asbestos management in many schools are ineffective and at
times dangerous.

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Published Dec 15, 2014
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